Life In London: Quarantine Edition

Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Measures… Or, Remembering What It’s Like To Sit… [[Disclaimer: I wrote this blog as an example for my students, to get them blogging and journaling their experiences of lockdown too! Just a bit of fun, or, important historical documents..???]] It’s Saturday 25thApril. The sun is out, and it’s streaming through … Continue reading Life In London: Quarantine Edition

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit

This band is a folky, acoustic guitar God-send. Not the twangy, spangly, auto-tuned kind of folk that makes one want to rip their ears off, no, rather, the technically accurate, banjo-meets-violin kind of folk that evokes nothing but ear-joy. A Church in Bethnal Green, ft. Johnny. Apologies for the blur. I am incredibly anal about … Continue reading Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit


These chips [crisps, for us English folk] are good. There are many dip options, which are ladled liberally into little plastic pots. Im talking blue cheese, jalapeño, sour creme and chive, and many many more. What I really enjoy about these crisps, is the fact that they are tipped and wrapped into decadent, cumbersomely large … Continue reading HIP CHIPS, SOHO


THE tastiest pizza in london What makes it special, you ask? Thin, crispy, sourdough crust Mushroom, pine nut and balsamic glaze topping The size of the slice (or slices) The reasonableness of the price If you hate mushrooms [grow up], then you can opt for one of the meat toppings; equally delicious. If you are … Continue reading Homeslice

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