THE tastiest pizza in london

What makes it special, you ask?

  1. Thin, crispy, sourdough crust
  2. Mushroom, pine nut and balsamic glaze topping
  3. The size of the slice (or slices)
  4. The reasonableness of the price

If you hate mushrooms [grow up], then you can opt for one of the meat toppings; equally delicious. If you are with someone who doesn’t share your taste buds, you can only bloody ask for a half-and-halfer! Take away a huge slice, or sit and eat in, in one of their restaurants.

My personal favourite is the Shoreditch branch, as it’s situated in-between all of the decent pubs and bars, and you can count on them (almost always) having a free table.

Head to Covent Garden in summer (if you are willing to queue for a minute or two) and find yourself a shady spot in the ever-bustling, ever-beautiful Neal’s Yard.

Taste: 10/10

Vibe: 10/10

Price: 10/10

Hand-to-mouth-ness: 8/10*

*Toppings will fall.

Treat yo’self

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