Do you favour lightness or weight in your life? Reading this book will help you find out.

Taken in a plasticky, touristy restaurant in Prague where me and my best friend ate a lot of spaghetti in order to cure a hangover and ready ourselves for an evening of less touristy Jazz.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera rekindled my love of reading for pleasure.

I had the pleasure of being leant this book by the intelligent, (slightly off kilter), yet respectable mother of one of my best friends. It during was my final year of University. Everything was uncertain – except the fact that I knew I was going to become a TeachFirst teacher (I hadn’t yet figured out why on earth I was doing this, where in the country I would be sent, or what kind of person I was going to become).

I hadn’t experienced a page turner in a long time (especially not one that I hadn’t been given to read as part of my degree) and as you perhaps glean, I was in great need of escape. The fictional novel is three parts romance and one part history, and details the story of multiple narrators, all who desire love, some who desire certainty.

The backdrop to the romance (which I won’t detail any further) is Prague, 1968, and the oppressive influence of the then Soviet Union.

Call me cliched, but the book made me think, and not in the head-scratching ‘am I a bit thick’ kind of way that some of Kundera’s other fiction has . It forces its reader to consider the ways in which we enact our various different types of love, and honestly, it’s lovely.

Rating: 10/10

*Of course this rating is pointless, as are all ratings, being completely subjective in nature, but who cares!

Twenty-two year old me in Prague (a year or so after reading the novel) looking unimpressed. In reality I was really rather impressed.

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