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Life In London: Quarantine Edition

Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Measures… Or, Remembering What It’s Like To Sit… [[Disclaimer: I wrote this blog as an example for my students, to get them blogging and journaling their experiences of lockdown too! Just a bit of fun, or, important historical documents..???]] It’s Saturday 25thApril. The sun is out, and it’s streaming through … Continue reading Life In London: Quarantine Edition

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit

This band is a folky, acoustic guitar God-send. Not the twangy, spangly, auto-tuned kind of folk that makes one want to rip their ears off, no, rather, the technically accurate, banjo-meets-violin kind of folk that evokes nothing but ear-joy. A Church in Bethnal Green, ft. Johnny. Apologies for the blur. I am incredibly anal about … Continue reading Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit


These chips [crisps, for us English folk] are good. There are many dip options, which are ladled liberally into little plastic pots. Im talking blue cheese, jalapeño, sour creme and chive, and many many more. What I really enjoy about these crisps, is the fact that they are tipped and wrapped into decadent, cumbersomely large … Continue reading HIP CHIPS, SOHO

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